Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tokyo Police Club

Canadian band, Tokyo Police Club have been accredited for last year's debut "A Lesson In Crime", with that being said, they have toured with the likes of Art Brut and Cold War Kids. If familiarity breeds contempt, Tokyo Police Club's music is full of those contradictions but with slight amusement. The multiplicity of rhythmic instrumentation overriding lead singer David's vocals convince me to believe they are electronically altered perhaps with the use of a vox to blend within this futuristic sound, I'm not sure if it's the case or not but it's a reminiscent sound of Interpol but more exciting with the reoccurring motifs of quirkiness involving robots, samurai sword fighting, Martians, spaceships and well...mocking a lot of people in the process, themselves even. The songs are quite short of roughly two to two and a half minutes of solid beats. Bass riffs complementing cymbal smashing, hand claps interluded between melodic keys and chords. As the influences on their myspace tells me, Tokyo Police Club are the band to clean up Jackson Pollock's spontaneous messy work with the help of Mark Rothko's steady hands and create their own abstract expressionistic interpretations with humourous lyrics of sci-fi gawkiness. Tokyo Police Club just released "A Lesson In Crime" on Australian label Dew Process Records last week and a couple of clubs around the country have been helping in with the EP launch. Two dates left: this Friday in Brisbane and next Friday in Sydney. Further details are on the myspace. Should expect to see a tour quite soon. Splendour, maybe?

Tokyo Police Club Listen on myspace
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Tokyo Police Club CBC Radio3 Sessions (via Bootlog)


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