Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Bird And The Bee

When Greg Kurstin and Inara George came together, they didn't exactly form what we now call The Bird And The Bee. Greg (bird) helped Inara (bee and daughter of the late Lowell George) with her solo project and album "All Rise", he's also produced some stuff for the likes of Lily Allen, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Jenny Lewis and the list goes on really. It was over the shared love jazz they decided to work together and create songs such as Fucking Boyfriend and Again & Again (also remixed by Peaches) on their debut EP. Just last month they released their first full length album self titled. Filled with 60's jazz influences, bossa nova and electronica with similar charming vocals to those of Imogen Heap and Emily Haines fronting music from The Blow and Mates of States. The talented L.A. duo create wistful dreamy pop, subtle harmonies submersed in the art of love.

The Bird And The Bee La La La
The Bird And The Bee Because
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Speaking of other things in art. Tomorrow the annual Tropfest is happening in all states of Australia. It's a short film festival showcasing well...anything and everything. For details check out the website. I went last year only for a while since it was ruined by heavy rains. Tomorrow should be completely fine, I hope.


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