Monday, February 05, 2007


I only realised yesterday that the Psapp song Cosy in the Rocket from their 2006 release The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, is actually the song that plays over the opening credits of the TV show Grey's Anatomy! This English duo has been hitting me with their incredibly hypnotic tunes brimming with simple creativity and blissful electronic beats. Do include the unusual samples which are, surprisingly, used well in such situations. Galia Durant's voice is also quite charming, rich with sultriness. What you can also revel in is the great songwriting over quirky instrumentation. Psapp develop songs with such beautiful melodies and tasteful noise that it's impossible not to find the duo and their musical genius a delight to listen to.

Psapp Hi
Psapp Cosy in the Rocket
Psapp The Words


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