Sunday, January 21, 2007


Panda panda panda! Satomi Matsuzaki, the lead vocalist of band Deerhoof, has had no formal musical training, like the other members of Deerhoof. But who cares about that? They have somehow perfectly formulated a way to compose meticulously chaotic, strange compositions of sound, while still retaining an absolutely great melody and an ability to keep in time (something that would be hard for such a band). I would never of thought that it was possible to have meticulous and chaos next to each other in a sentence, but Deerhoof has proved me wrong. It's an electric mish mash of harsh noise and light, catchy melodies that are wildly performed. While it takes time to get familiar with the music, you can later appreciate the effort. The vocals are beautiful and smooth and the diverse instrumentation is used well.

Deerhoof will release their 8th album, Friend Opportunity on the 23rd of January, and are in Australia in April for The Great Escape.

Deerhoof Rrrrrrright
Deerhoof Wrong Time Capsule


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