Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fionn Regan

Everyone must be aware of the plenitude of singer-songwriters out there, but there's something about Fionn Regan which makes him stand out from his contemporaries. The languid, calming vocals are sung to minimalist setups. Amazingly soft chords and fluid, but frantic finger plucking (without technical obsessions) interchange effortlessly and without mistake. The songs encapsulate different emotions, perfectly interpreted through his poetic lyricism, which is abundant throughout - it easily evokes vivid and picaresque images. For a debut, he is stunningly mature! Currently, The End of History is one of my favourite albums to listen to. Regan will be supporting Damien Rice on his Australian tour in February, and will be here again in March for Laneway Festival.

Fionn Regan Be Good Or Be Gone
Fionn Regan The Underwood Typewriter
Fionn Regan Put a Penny In the Slot


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