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7 Random Things to Look Forward to in 2007

Bummer, I guess I'm a little too late to make a Top 15 of 2006 post. Pardon my laziness, but honestly, I think there's been enough of such lists in the music blogosphere. No worries though - to make up for it, I've made up a list of 7 completely random things I'm looking forward to in 2007. Coincidentally, it's the 7th of January too! 7's my favourite number and from the looks of it 2007 is an absolutely promising year for music. Watch this space.

1. Of (Modest) Mice and Men

I've heard mixed reviews on Modest Mouse's upcoming new single 'Dashboard' but I'm still pretty excited for the soon to be released 'We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank'. I don't even care if people think it's uncool to like this band anymore. With The Smith's former guitarist Johnny Marr and original MM drummer Jeremiah Green, the album is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of 2007. And personally, I think this song is catchy as hell.

Modest Mouse Dashboard

2. "That Boy Needs Therapy!"

It's been 6 long years since The Avalanches released Since I Left You, an absolute riot of an album consisting just about a million samples, that spawned the highly infectious and quote-worthy single 'Frontier Psychiatrist'. It's about time for a new album, don't you think? Apparently the album was completed last year but the guys are still in the studio tweaking it on to perfection. I'm crossing my fingers for it to be released sometime this year, or someone's gonna get hurt. In the meantime here's an older cover song from tribute/compilation album To Hal And Bacharach.

The Avalanches Do You Know the Way to San José

3. I'm Pickin' Up Good Vibrations

Come February 19, the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, thousands of party animals, including yours truly, will be attending the Good Vibrations festival in Singapore's very own Fort Canning Park. Being the only Singaporean poster on Off The Record and having heard so much about Australian music festivals, you can bet I'm excited. With acts like the Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5 and Cut Copy, this is one event I wouldn't dare miss.

Jurassic 5 Work It Out

4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Queen

Even though rumours of a Blur comeback this year have been dismissed (woe!), Blur fans can still look forward to frontman Damon Albarn's side project which includes The Clash's bassist Paul Simonon, The Verve's ex-guitarist Simon Tong and Africa 70 drummer Tony Allen. To top it all off, the album, which drops on the 22nd of this month, will be produced by Danger Mouse. All that aside, their music has a sort of hollow, gauzy post-Gorillaz quality that intrigues me.

The Good, the Bad and the Queen Herculean

5. I I I I I'm Ready to Uff

This saucy electro-pop minx, whose real name is the surprisingly sweet Anna-Catherine Hartley, already has her fair share of detractors, but who cares when her fanbase is expanding faster than you can say "pop the glock"? Love her or hate her, Uffie looks set to be the poster girl of France's electro club scene. Her debut album will be released on Ed Banger Records in mid-late 2007.

Uffie In Charge

6. Fragments of a Mosaic

Last year, Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience charmed the crowds at Singapore's very own Mosaic music festival. This year, the line-up is no less impressive, including the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Femi Kuti, and an act I'm particularly looking forward to, Jaga Jazzist. Hailing from Norway as well, they're one of the most unique experimental jazz bands around and I can't wait to see them live in concert.

Jaga Jazzist All I Know Is Tonight

7. I've Got It!

To round it all up, here's a track by Yo La Tengo because - surprise, surprise - they'll be hitting the shores of Singapore this year as well. From what I hear, they'll be playing a few shows in Australia too. This band has been around since even before I was born and have released a grand total of 17 albums thus far, the most recent one being 2006's quirkily-titled 'I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass'. Here's to their continued all-around awesomeness.

Yo La Tengo Black Flowers

And there you have it, a list of 7 random things I'm looking forward to in 2007. Go ahead, share yours!


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