Saturday, January 13, 2007

So, What Did Happen?

So, did anyone ever actually wonder what happened to Jesse and Sebastien after the split of Death From Above 1979? Well, I for one was hoping that both would make a return some way or another. We didn't have to wait too long for Jesse to reveal his next project, that being MSTRKRFT, a techno based band which he started with Al-P and released the album The Looks to much welcome. But whatever happened to Sebastien? Well, not until recently did Sebastien finally get his butt into gear and make some music. And boy did he! Much like Jesse, Sebastien has taken the electronic/dance path, but his pulled off way better than Jesse could ever have. It's more listenable, more funky, and just plain great! Sebastien has only released a two track single called Foggy Sea, Foggy Dew. Please do yourself a favor and get into this. For those of you in America, Sebastien will be supporting Bloc Party and Albert Hammond Jr. (in the one tour!) during March. Look out for him. Four songs are on offer today, one being Sebastien's newest, another being a MSTRKRFT track, and the other two are my favorite Death From Above 1979 tracks, enjoy.

Sebastien Grainger When You Go Out
Death From Above 1979 Little Girl
Death From Above 1979 Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix)


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