Sunday, January 21, 2007


What can you expect from Broadcast? Everything always evolves with the newly fresh and eerily hypnotic duo (formerly a quintet). While not always instantly enjoyable, it's definitely surprising. You can look forward to Trish Keenan's dreamy, ethereal vocals that ring a bell of Acid House Kings but all the while sinister over sample-heavy and retro, futuristic electronic beats used minimally. Everything about them reminds me of the words 'synth' and 'analog.' There's this mysterious atmosphere that clouds. While also branching out in surreal, ambient dream-pop, Broadcast is cemented in my mind as the cool as, strange sci-fi flick reminiscent band who perfectly mix androgyny and effeminateness. You can pretend it's the new age of space!

Broadcast Black Cat
Broadcast Michael a Grammar


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