Friday, January 19, 2007

Naked On The Vague

My senses have been set on the DIY scene in Sydney for quite some time. It's really grown and built a small base. One band got me listening after finding myself at one of their gigs early last year and again last week was Naked On The Vague otherwise known as NoTV. They're a boy and girl duo made up of Matthew P. Hopkins and Lucy Cliche and they both sure do make a lot of noise out of an organ, broken bass guitar, drum machine, tambourine, recorder, their vocals and well anything else they can put together. They've describe their style as experimental, psychedelic, no-wave, minimal pop, punk and medieval folk (whatever that may be). What comes to mind for me is a band that would likely play at a haunted house for a Halloween party.

Naked On The Vague All Aboard!


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