Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bloc Party

I can honestly say that I have been a fan of Bloc Party since the very beginning. A lot of people would claim it to and yeah they're probably telling the truth, but your not truly there number 1 fan unless you become one of their Myspace friends right from the start (I was their 21st friend, haha). Anyway, A Weekend In The City is their newest release, very anticipated and incredibly over hyped. And what's this I'm hearing about Kele being gay!? I've given the album a few listens now and well, it's nothing special. They've changed their style a bit, still got the same guitar licks that people love and the funky beats to keep you dancing, but it's a little boring. I was a huge fan of Silent Alarm and I always had that on rotation, it hardly ever left the stereo, but after a couple of listens to the new cd, I was more then happy to take it out and put something else on.

Bloc Party The Prayer
Bloc Party Positive Tension
Bloc Party Positive Tension (The Go! Team Remix)


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