Friday, January 26, 2007

Apostle Of Nowhere

Apostle Of Hustle is one of the many side projects of Broken Social Scene members; formed by Andrew Whiteman the lead guitarist after his two month stay in Cuba (despite the band's Latin influence) along with friends Julian Brown and Dean Stone. 2004's debut "Folkloric Feel" is noisy lo-fi acoustic folk and some say the extension of BSS's "You Forgot It In People". The latest record "National Anthem Of Nowhere" is a major step up from that proving have found the Apostle Of Hustle sound. National Anthem Of Nowhere is bright; there's noticeably an array of instruments, creating complex layers, rhythmic patterns and guitar jams. Track opener "My Sword Hand's Anger" reminds me of Stephen Malkmus, vocals slightly but song structure wise, it shows. There's consistency throughout the album, each track carefully adapting to the previous making a lasting impression. The album ends on a slower and softer note with the track "NoNoNo"; minimalism of minor keys and strings. NAON is truly the album to fall in love with Apostle Of Hustle. (I've already gone ahead and chosen it for one of my picks so I'm there.) The record is scheduled for release on Tuesday February 6th via Arts & Crafts records. Arts & Crafts records are holding a competition to create your own version of Apostle Of Hustle's track "My Sword Hand’s Anger". Prize includes recording gear, tickets to see the band live and a signed copy of the new album. You can download the track at their website.

Apostle Of Hustle National Anthem Of Nowhere
Apostle Of Hustle Cheap Like Sebastian


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