Sunday, February 11, 2007

Expatriate Want To Play A Part

It was late 2005, Sydney band Expatriate (now a quartet) released their debut "Lovers Le Strange" EP with a album cover based on the artwork "The Lovers" by René Magritte. Favourite the track The Spaces Between; I found myself going on a two hour road trip with a bunch of friends up the coast just to see them play. If I can clearly remember the night was intense, full of energy. Everyone was dancing in the midst of moist sweat in a summer heat small venue in Newcastle. I can't really see much of that happening now but their shows are still great, the last I saw being at Big Day Out. Yesterday they dropped their second EP "Play A Part" (no fancy album art this time though), with the first two tracks "Only Wanna Love Ya" and "Play A Part" already receiving loads of radio play. I think of The Killers when I listen to this record, vocals alike and a few chords and riffs. The song writing itself has developed and added a sense of romanticism (which I assumed the first EP to be, due to the title). I'm undecided on this record. I like it, yet to love it.

You can listen to the EP on myspace, and check out some dates since they're currently on a national tour, then playing at some major festivals including SXSW. Also look out for their first full length album later this year.


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