Friday, February 09, 2007

Come To This

I'm sure all of us here at Off The Record are incredibly sorry for the lack of updates as of recently, I know I'm sorry. We're all back at school now and things have gotten harder, thus meaning we have had hardly anytime at all to update this site. We try our best to post as often as we can. So to make it up to everyone who might be getting a little worried, heres a post with some song's I have been digging as of late.

Angus And Julia Stone have just released their second EP "Heart Full Of Wine" and have already been touring like hell in support of this release. The pair write some of most beautifully pop-driven acoustic songs you'll ever hear. They are incredible talented and just hopefully they might make it big overseas.

Angus And Julia Stone Sadder Than You
Angus And Julia Stone What You Wanted

Yet another reasonably new band, Oh Mercy are yet to release another official, but they always seem to be uploading new tracks all the time on their Myspace. Here's the newest of the lot, which was uploaded last night in fact, and it see's the band sticking to their soft acoustic rock with driving vocals and soothing beats. Definitely a band to keep your eyes on, theres guys are my favorite local band, so make sure to give them some support.

Oh Mercy That's The Point

Ah Bloc Party, you always seem to amaze me. Not happy with the new album? Been wondering what happened to their sound that was "Silent Alarm"? Ponder no more people! It seems the band has been hiding at least 12 tracks from us all, but as per usual, tracks always seem to get leaked on the net. The tracks are very similar to "Silent Alarm" and I'm a little disappointed that these didn't even make the final cut for "A Weekend In The City". Nevertheless they have been leaked and people are going for gold! Here are my three favorites which didn't make it. Heres a link to Hype Machine to download some more of these hidden tracks.

Bloc Party The Once And Future King
Bloc Party We Were Lovers
Bloc Party Version 2.0

Klaxons are a band that grabbed my attention late in the game. I noticed everyone jumping on board with these guys, claiming them as the best new thing, but I wasn't too sure about them. That is until i listened to Golden Skans, which is just a brilliant track. Background vocals in this song have been playing over and over in my head all week and the film clip is quite funny too. Also the band has released a cover of Justin Timberlake's My Love, which is very similar to the original, but still good.

Klaxons Golden Skans
Klaxons My Love


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