Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Show Of Hands

A few days ago I made a promise to do my very best to keep this site updated all the time and really, it's not going to plan. So, to once again make it up to everyone, I have chucked together a bunch of songs that I have been enjoying in the last few days.

One band that has really grabbed me lately is Cold War Kids. I don't know what it is about them that has my attention, but they've got something. Theres no doubting their indie rock, but they have twist and turns in their songs that almost makes it feel foreign. A delightful band indeed. These guys will be the next Strokes or Kings Of Leon or Bloc Party.

Cold War Kids We Used To Vacation
Cold War Kids Hang Me Up To Dry

I have extremely jumped on late with the Camera Obscura bandwagon. I don't know why I have left it until let to get on board, perhaps it was the fact that their cd's are expensive in Australia. But, I gave into temptation and have quickly realised just how talented these guys are. Lead singer Tracyanne brings that something extra to the band that makes them so much sweeter.

Camera Obscura Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
Camera Obscura If Looks Could Kill

Only half way through her current tour, Sarah Blasko has announced more dates in April after she showcases her stuff at SXSW. Playing pretty much everywhere in Australia, she will be once again on the road for a long period of time promoting her newest release What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have. Dates can be found here.

Sarah Blasko The Gardens End
Sarah Blasko Showstopper

Possibly the biggest thing to ever rock the hip-hop world, Uffie has dropped yet another track upon us to get everyone warmed up for her album release sometime in the year. The new song is titled Dismissed and much like every other Uffie song, it contains attitude, bad mouthing and same fine funky beats.

Uffie Dismissed

M.I.A. is soon to drop her new album Bird Is The Word (title most likely to change). The follow up to Arular sounds really really good, I know thats not very discriptive, but it seriously is. I'm highly anticipating this release. I can see this album pushing M.I.A. further up in credibility and popularity. If you haven't enjoyed her music yet, please! do yourself a favor and listen to these songs!

M.I.A. XR 2
M.I.A. Bird Flu

Also, to readers of the blog, I pose a question. Which way of posting do you rather more, mixed band posts (like today's) or the usual way of just one band? Please do leave a comment on which you prefer. Thanks.


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