Friday, March 02, 2007

Enter Laughing

I don't know why it is, but today's mix bag is female orientated, well Oh Mercy does have male members, but lets pretend just today that they don't. I promised to make a mixed post a couple of days ago and i was going to post it yesterday, but Sandra bet me to the punch.

Prior to Good Weather For Airstrikes making a post about this artist a couple of days ago, I was only aware of Emmy The Great by word of mouth and well, Myspace. This artist is truly something amazing, she's young, she writes beautiful songs, and makes music extremely fun.

Emmy The Great Edward Is Deadward
Emmy The Great Secret Circus

I have been a fan of Nedelle for a few years now. Much like Emmy The Great, Nedelle has an incredibly soft and soothing voice. She is due to release her third album soon and if what all her previous albums sound like, I'm hoping this will be an Album Of The Year contender. But for now, you'll have to listen to some older tunes.

Nedelle Puddle At Your Toes
Nedelle Begin To Breathe
Nedelle The Natural Night

Oh Macromantics, truly you are an entertainer. I caught Macromantics set earlier this year at the Big Day Out and I must say, she was definitely one of the highlights on the day. The way she busts (yes, busts) some rhymes and makes the crowd move, its absolutely something you must see. Having released her debut album Moments In Movement a few weeks ago in the USA, I thought it was only fair to post some tracks. Enjoy the smooth stylings of Miss Macro.

Macromantics Apple Crumble
Macromantics Miss Macro
Macromantics Scorch

Surely by now people must be sick of me posting about Oh Mercy, but I just cant get enough of these guys, they are brilliant in everything they do. A couple of weeks ago i posted a track called That's The Point, well yesterday the band uploaded yet another song entitled Mess Trouble And One Early Morning. The band are just about to head into the studio to record their debut EP, so expect even more posts about these guys in the near future.

Oh Mercy That's The Point
Oh Mercy Mess Trouble And One Early Morning


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