Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kings Of Leon

Kings of Leon are one of those bands that grasp your attention, it may be their distinct sound or their genes of good looks. They have a way of oozing their sense of style into their music, creating some amazing country and blues influenced rock. April 2 they'll be releasing their much anticipated third album titled "Because of the Times", which comes from the saying that if an album does well it's "Because of the Times" or if it bombs, it's "Because of the Times." They've extended their roots and have gone for a bigger sound as Caleb screams in the second track "Charmer", yet they still maintain their smooth bass lines and rhythmic guitars. This album is another Kings Of Leon classic, a reminder of why they're a great band with that touch of appeal. As drummer Nathan explains "I don't care what you write, just make sure you make us sound sexy". Here's some new stuff below including the latest single "On Call".

Kings Of Leon On Call
Kings Of Leon Charmer
Kings Of Leon My Party


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