Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Information Travels Faster

A new week. A new stack of CD's. A new Mixbag. I bet you been missing it, huh? Come on, you have. Admit it.

The band that every single person in the world is talking about (don't act like you haven't), The Arcade Fire have dropped their sophomore second release (or "the difficult follow up album") and to much satisfaction, it is purely, plain and simple, brilliant. Not one dud track on it. It's nice to hear the band take a little step away from Funeral and develop their own taste of indie-rock. The screams and yells in the background, from none other Régine Chassagne are little sounds of delight. This album has proved that once again The Arcade Fire will take control this year.

The Arcade Fire Intervention
The Arcade Fire No Cars Go

El Perro Del Mar so far is my discovery of the year. I know she's already reasonable big in other countries, but I like the fact that not many Australians have heard of them, it actually makes me happy. Her songs are choc full of ska beats and organs and strangely her voice is similar to sassy singer-songwriter New Buffalo. Hopefully an Australian tour is in the works.

El Perro Del Mar God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
El Perro Del Mar Shake It Off

Just today I received a copy of Blonde Redhead's newest release, 23. The album isn't due in stores until April 16th. A band that has been around now for nearly 15 years these guys have managed to develop their sound more and more in each release. Having to follow up the incredible irresistible 2004 album, Misery Is A Butterfly, the band has headed in a more atmospheric sound. It's still Blonde Redhead but ten times better. I think the band has finally reached a sound they are more comfortable with and are able to maintain.

Blonde Redhead 23
Blonde Redhead Spring And By Summer Fall

I recently got handed two CD's, both of which are by Death Cab For Cutie. They seem to be the band these days that you either love to death or you just want them to burn in hell. At first, yeah I wasn't a fan, but the only CD of theres I had owned was 2005's Plans. I now own The Photo Album and Transatlantisism and well, I'm back on board with these guys. To me I think The Photo Album could possibly be one of the best albums I've heard in a long time and that's saying a lot. Transatlantisism is another that is just crammed full of indie/acoustic/pop goodness.

Death Cab For Cutie The New Year
Death Cab For Cutie A Movie Script Ending
Death Cab For Cutie I Was A Kaleidoscope
Death Cab For Cutie Title And Registration


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