Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teenagers Say Yes

Fortunately for you and I, soon after this unfortunate musical block I was hit by a tightly scrunched ball of musical goodness. That, being rediscovering the delights of buying CDs again!

Mirah - Joyride: Remixes

It's said that when a band or artist resorts to a remix album, it's a sign that they're caught in a creative drought. That is such a pejorative statement. As a matter of fact, I love remix albums. Bloc Party, DFA 1979, Architecture in Helsinki, you name it! Mirah's offering is no exception. Joyride: Remixes is a sweet, ethereal 22-track collection that spans over Mirah's career. Each song is recast in a new light, giving it a new meaning and feel to the otherwise endearingly simple songs.

Mirah Pollen (Pee Pollen Remix)
Mirah Make It Hot (All Over Remix) - Mixed by Y.A.C.H.T.
Mirah Fruits of Your Garden - Remade by Khaela Maricich

Modular People - Leave Them All Behind 2

From holding insanely wonderful gigs and parties to having a great roster of artists, Modular has released a worthy predecessor to Leave Them All Behind. My sentiments about this record are the same as James'. The first disc, which is mixed by Thee Bang Gang Deejays is an electric danceable-like-you-know-it compilation of remixes. The second disc contains the unmixed, original versions. I think that's enough to say that Modular is one rocking label.

The Presets Are You The One? (Club Mix)
The Futureheads Skip to The End (Digitalism Re-rub)
Justice Waters of Nazareth

Erase Errata - Nightlife

On previous EE records, Jenny Hoyston's voice was just a minor distraction from the glorious racket that the drums, bass and guitar produced. On Nightlife, Hoyston's voice is heard loud and clear. It goes to the production, and the approach she has taken with the delivery of the lyrics. Nightlife also focuses more on rhythm which induces a blood rush to the head like crazy! Erase Errata has redefined their sound without losing their musical and lyrical zealousness. Kudos to EE!

Erase Errata Tax Dollar
Erase Errata He Wants What's Mine

Jenny Wilson - Love and Youth

The Swedish songstress who is signed to fellow Swedish counterparts The Knife's Rabid Records is a delight to listen to. Wilson melds disco beats, falsetto vocals and warm, acoustic lashings to create charmingly delicate, odd pop. Not just a one trick pony with Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward, Love and Youth remains consistent throughout with catchy tunes. I must admit, it took me a few listens to get used to the incarnations of '70s disco, but I now find it to be an essential part of the music.

Jenny Wilson Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward
Jenny Wilson Summer Time - The Roughest Time
Jenny Wilson Love Ain't Just a Four Letter Word


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