Monday, April 09, 2007

Do Make Say Think

I inadvertently discovered Do Make Say Think through a CD my friend kindly burnt for me. I didn't explicitly ask him to burn DMST for me, but I'm glad he did. Now truly illustrious with relative bands, Constellation Records and the indie goer scene, 'twas not easy from the start. DMST formed with humble beginnings and in a primary school room. When they released their first record, it was slanted as formulaic and unoriginal material compared to other post-rock contemporaries such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Fly Pan Am on the Constellation roster. Out of anything generally considered or haphazardly tagged 'post-rock', Do Make Say Think is superlative. While relaxing in the daedal dynamics they are recognised for, DMST employ a broad spectrum of influences from free jazz to electronica; even shifting from elegant tortuosity to roaring, boisterous clicks and clacks. Steeped in culture and pensiveness, DMST have a musical depth to them you can only find in only a few bands and artists. The epic songs elicit feelings of ambient spaciousness. Recording and playing flows with spontaneity. Everything is complacential, which easily allows the listener more to enjoy.

Their fifth album, You, You're a History In Rust is out now on Inertia Records.

Do Make Say Think Bound To Be That Way
Do Make Say Think Executioner Blues
Do Make Say Think The Universe!


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