Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Most Serene Republic

What is the correlation between Venice and The Most Serene Repbulic? Apart from the band name being taken from Venice's moniker during the Renaissance period, TMSR has also enjoyed a vibrant flourish. The first band signed to label Arts & Crafts that had no relation to Broken Social Scene, The Most Serene Republic have truly played their cards right. Leaving school to pursue artistic endeavours, the Canadian sextet is a dreamy fusion of synth based arrangements, melodic guitar segments and lengthy song
titles. Inevitably, they draw comparisons to BSS due to the band adopting non-linear song structure and being on Broken Social Scene's flagship label, but, I sense a fun, nerdy aesthetic that I don't find in any other A & C band. Producing a full, lush sound as such, the factor that makes TMSR even more appealing is the unpolished and relaxed production values that came about while recording. Proposition 61 was built on sporadic handclaps and clicks and included shouts at one another across the room. Whimsical and energetic in all its glory, Underwater Cinematographer is a shimmering effort that reclaims child-like innocence while touching on tight manic tendencies. Hopefully they can hone the youthful enthusiasm into their second record they are currently working on.

The Most Serene Republic Content Was Always My Favorite Colour
The Most Serene Republic Proposition 61


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