Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You Keep An Eye On Those Artists (Part Three)

Welcome to the last post of YKAEOTA feature. The last two posts have received much attention and appreciation from almost everyone, for those of you who have missed the first two posts you can find them here and here. Please, keep the comments coming. I am always interested in what our readers think about the music we post.

I'll say it right now, Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear is a musical genius. Although his newest solo release, Person Pitch, is his third album this will no doubt see Noah Lennox rise into stardom, well not super stardom or MTV stardom, but he'll be up there. Panda Bear music is filled with some real feel good futuristic pop. As much as I love Animal Collective, I think if Noah made the decision to leave the band to follow his solo career, I wouldn't be dissapointed. At the moment though, his doing pretty well juggling both projects.

Panda Bear Comfy In Nautica (Highly Recommended!)
Panda Bear I'm Not (Highly Recommended!)

Panda Bear
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Archie Bronson Outfit are possibly the most sexiest, sleaziest, and most importantly dirtiest all man band since Eagles Of Death Metal. Everything about them has "Hey ladies" written all over it. The beard, the music, and the best choice of words. Although the band has been around for a little while now, they haven't received the attention they deserved since last years release of Derdang, Derdang which saw the band travel down under for the first time this year for the St. Jerome festivals.

Archie Bronson Outfit Kink (Highly Recommended!)
Archie Bronson Outift Got To Get (Your Eyes) (Highly Recommended!)

Archie Bronson Outfit
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Most people by now are well aware of who The Blow are and just how magnificant they are, but what most people aren't aware of is Jona Bechtolt has a solo career. He goes by the name of YACHT and over the last year or so has been making a real name for himself, remixing songs here and there, put on some real entertaining shows (especially at the recent SXSW), and producing some really catchy tunes.

YACHT See A Penny (Pick It Up) (Highly Recommended!)

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It's no secret that The Scare are one of my all favorite bands. I have loved this band from the very beginning. A few years back the band released their debut EP, Masochist Mimes, and have had nothing but good news since. They supported TPTBUTET and Blood Brothers, then soon went back into the studio to do their follow up EP, Vacuum Irony, which only made things better. A slight line-up change and relocation to London have broaden the bands horizons and fanbase. With their debut, yet to be titled, album hitting stores sometime in June, this boy here is in very high anticipation.

The Scare Stop! (Highly Recommended!)
The Scare If I'm Choking, Make A Scene (Highly Recommended!)

The Scare
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Elk City is a band that I have only just become interested in as of late. The band have just dropped their new album (as of yesterday), New Believers, on us and one is hoping that the band will become the hot new band on all the indie scenestars lips. The band mix a real soft indie pop that only Camera Obscura and them can pull off. Get onboard now, before you fall behind!

Elk City Cherries In The Snow (Highly Recommended!)
Elk City Los Cruzados

Elk City
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For those of you who aren't aware of New Buffalo I have 6 words for you, you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself. Sally Seltmann (aka New Buffalo) has been around now for just on 7 or so years and in that time has made peoples hearts world wide drop, she's an absolutely stunning artist that cant be kept a secret, she needs to be shared with the world. Much like The Concretes and El Perro Del Mar, Sally blends real soft pop melodies, with a touch of that 60's feel, that can really put you to sleep or make you dance. Heres some tracks off her new album, Somewhere, Anwhere.

New Buffalo It's True (Highly Recommended!)
New Buffalo Cheer Me Up, Thank You

New Buffalo
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