Monday, May 14, 2007

Mystery Jets

Alas oh Mystery Jets! Their stories, their music; this peculiar unique talented bunch inclines me into a state of delight. The chants and harmonious singalongs hold the core juxtaposing rhapsodies of their prog rock influenced rattling kitchen percussion instrumentals into continuous repetitive listens that haven't left my stereo for weeks. The tracks from last year's debut Making Dens are written rather in a poetic sense of quirky and adventurous story lines yet also obtaining that personal level from recounts of front man Blaine Harrison's time in hospitals. Each page of the cd cover booklet delivers a picture to each song giving insight to this concept - "what we create are dens with secrets and imagination hidden inside that we can invite anyone into through the mediums of word, music, art, anything we like". Mystery Jets have been recording some new songs for their sophomore release which include tracks like "Elizabeth," "Bella," "Behind The Bunhouse," "Flakes," "Pink Elephant," "Girl Shaped Gun," "Man In The Corner," "Sand In The Jar," "Metal Soul" and "Untitled". Lead guitarist William Rees describes them "lyrical tightness." Will be one to look out for.

Mystery Jets You Can't Fool Me Dennis (Justice Remix) / watch video
Mystery Jets Diamonds In The Dark (L.A. Riots Remix) / watch video
Mystery Jets Elizabeth (Electric) / (Acoustic)
Mystery Jets Crosswords


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