Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Sunday!

Another week has passed us oh so rapidly, and it is the dreaded Sunday; the afternoon before we must resume our weekly activities – whether they be class, college, university or full day 9 to 5 jobs. What better way to celebrate the evening before our dreaded or perhaps potentially rewarding week, than to prepare ourselves with some extraordinary tunes and play-lists to cope with what is ahead!

Thee More Shallows Night At Night School
San Francisco based three piece, Thee More Shallows, successfully produce a sound that is very real, raw and most certainly not over produced. Night At Knight School is a great track, slightly depressing, however a great listen. (Sounds like: Ben Gibbard in yet another side-project)

Au Revoir Simone A Violent Yet Flammable World
Brooklyn based, all-female three piece put the fab in fabulous. With their inspiring vocals and cheerful yet meaningful beats, it gives depth and substance to the issues they portray. (Sounds like: Girls who know what they are doing)

Jeremy Warmsley Dirty Blue Jeans
I seem to always catch myself listening to this track on the train ride home after a busy day of the city life. Quite fitting considering the lyrics. A great happy track that will leave you thinking, especially the next time you see that cute guy/girl “sitting across” from you. (Sounds like: A fantasy that only exists in your head)

1990s See You At The Lights
You will most likely walk with a spring in your step, and your head bopping in beat. It’s great to listen to this track while walking through sunny parks, past angry people who are too focused on their downhill heading lives, than to find some quality music. Unlike you guys of course, you all have a fantastic means to source your tunes!! (Sounds like: This track should be in a movie)


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