Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day all!

This week brings a far more relaxed and chilled mix. I hope it tantalises everyone’s tastebuds all the same! I have not specially recruited these tunes, in the hopes of finding something to share – rather these come from my private collection. I hope these songs will bring you safely home from your daily activities; happy, sad, or whatever it may be.

Elvis Perkins While You Were Sleeping
A romantic, sensual experience. Words simply cannot express the beauty of this song, and the feeling you get when actively listening to the amazingly articulated lyrics.
(After listening to it for a while – I can’t help but imagine what it would sound like if Conor Oberst sung this song. His style of music is there!)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Open Invitation
An old favourite of mine, always nice to listen to and unwind to. I like to listen to this track as I am driving home from somewhere. I associate sadness and pain with this song, a true sign of a song well executed I think.

Denison Witmer California Black and Blue
A pal of Sufjan Stevens, the essence of material Witmer portrays is very rich, and calmingly upbeat. This song is best enjoyed when the late afternoon sunbeams are bouncing off your favourite room’s walls – highlighting all the little lost particles of earth.

Joseph Arthur Enough To Get Away
A great track to escape the daily grind with. If you have had a good day – it will emphasize this. If you have had a bad day, it will make you smile and kick yourself at wasting your sadness on silly daily happenings.

Explosions in the Sky The Birth and Death of Day
A beautiful track to end with. Words again, cannot describe the exquisiteness of this perfectly composed masterpiece. Listen, smile and appreciate the things our ears, and our souls are so lucky to savour.

(P.s. I arranged the tracks in the order by which I suggest you listen to them in)


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