Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If The World Had Cookies

When I hear Softlightes, I immediately think happy thoughts and have a smile on my face. Their a band that just has that effect on you, and you just take in the situation, whether it be on CD or live. With the combination of the beautifully soft voiced vocalist Ron Foutenberry, his almost naughty childish lyrics, and the bands soothing catchy indie pop sound, these guys are an absolute delight and a joy on the ears. The band recently were here to promote their latest effort Say No! To Being Cool, Say Yes! To Being Happy, playing a few sideshows but mainly featuring at V Festival, where they received the much attention and loving they really deserve. Casting Softlightes into the ever growing line of indie bands would be an insult, they are most definitely in a league of their own, and only a handful of bands can come within slight region of what these guys are producing.

Softlightes The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock
Softlightes The Microwave Song


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