Saturday, May 19, 2007

7 Day Weekend

Formed out of art school is this Perth, Australian girl group 7 Day Weekend who make some "let's get down and dance" cheeky bubbly electro pop songs about boys, pizza, parties, real estate and leisure wear. Dressed up in ever changing themes on stage similar to that of Chicks on Speed, 7 Day Weekend create a glamorous raucous dance party. They make me put down my fabric ink, squeegee (I love saying that word), stencils and screenprints to join in this never-ending weekend fun. If you like your rapping beats and handclaps, 7 Day Weekend are here to kick start your "pinch on the arm" party playlist. They've also played with a handful of fellow Australian artists like Van She, The Presets, Cut Copy, KIM, Kiosk, Snowman, Airport City Shuffle to name a few and have just released a couple of singles remixed by Master Celebrator. Give me weekends! Give me seven!

7 Day Weekend Party Monster
7 Day Weekend Hot Property


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