Monday, May 28, 2007


As the band's Myspace suggests, Teenager is in fact much like the name itself. Their an uncontrollable roller coaster of adventure and endurance. The band is unpredictable and as proven, lead singer Nick isn't afraid of pushing his boundaries when it comes to being on stage. Whenever theres an out of control maniac (but in a good way of course) in the band, there's always got to be someone else that levels things back up, here's where Pip comes in. Her stage presence isn't as extraordinary as Nick's, she's a much more hidden and secretive person, but when she has her guitar in her hands she can definitely do something unexpected and will leave people wanting more and more.

Thirteen is the name of the band's debut album and it has been welcomed with much open arms by all critics with Impress Magazine giving it album of the week and claiming it to be "Album of the year so far" The album was recorded over a long period of time in 6 different studios ranging over 4 different countries. The band also managed to ring in Sonic Youth's Lee Ronaldo and Steve Shelley, as well as my favorite musical genius of all time, Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson. It turns out now the band have stricken a real friendship with Lee and even had the pleasure of recording at his studio.

The band's first single off the album, Pony, was a hit all over radio stations (even the mainstream ones), but due to it's "explicit" language about sex, it didn't last very long. If you don't pay attention to the lyrics the song is actually really clever, the drum changes, the wailing guitar, and the screaming vocals, it's a catchy track indeed. Alone Again is the newest single and the most effective commercially, although it hasn't been out long it has seen the band gaining a more wider audience, with it's smooth easy flowing sounds, and vocals to almost put you to sleep.

Teenager Pony Removed by request of label.
Teenager Alone Again Removed by request of label.

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