Monday, June 04, 2007


I have been constantly reminding myself to make a post about this band for the last week or so, but then something else always comes along and interrupts your plans. Well not today, I have forced myself to sit here and to not move. Some may be aware of Fields existence by now due to other blogger's lapping this band right up and hailing them "the next best thing", which i can sort of see. Don't get me wrong, the band definitely has the potential. The release of their anticipated album Everything Last Winter, is a solid effort and should be acknowledged, like it already has, by everyone not matter wort sort of genre of music may be your thing.

The album was recorded in Dublin, Ireland and the band have really incorporated that sort of atmospheric background to their music, much like Amusement Parks On Fire. The band have been compared to fellow UK indie saviors Bloc Party and have risen to glory almost instantly. With duel vocals coming from Nick and Thorumn and creative nature that comes from the rest of the band, this release will only bring good things too the band.

Fields If You Fail, We All Fail

Purchase Everything Last Winter and watch the video for If You Fail, We All Fail


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