Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Everybodies favorite foul-mouthed innocent little girl is back. With the release of her debut album to come in July, people everywhere are beginning to be overcome with anticipation, I being one of them. Uffie has been around the block and back now, born Anna-Catherine Hartley in Miami and growing up in Hong Kong and now resides in Paris, she claimed her name to fame by only having released a few songs and played numerous amounts of shows world-wide. Having made her debut Australian visit late last year for a run of shows along the east coast and teaming up with a few Aussie bands including my favorites The Scare and the newly named Lost Valentinos she has now left quite a mark on us Australians.

Her debut album, which previously mentioned is scheduled to drop mind July, will no doubt be absolutely adored by every floor filling DJ world-wide. A couple of tracks have already been spreading around the blogs like a brand new virus and from what I've read, they haven't received any bad reviews. Although the two tracks (First Love and Brand New Car) are both solid pieces of work, I'm hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be better tracks then these. Perhaps even the song she did with Justice (The Party) may feature on the album?

Uffie Brand New Car
Uffie First Love


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