Monday, June 11, 2007


Nedelle (aka Nedelle Torrisi) has been kicking about for some years now and has been doing her thing quietly but sufficiently. Since being signed by Kill Rock Stars in 2005 for the release of her second album, rom The Lion's Mouth, she has become a recognisable musician within the "underground" world. She has done her fair share of helping out of the last two years, touring with Deerhoof, Destroyer, and Magnolia Electric Co. to name a few but also has done background vocals for albums by The Curtains and John Vanderslice, and even played violin on a Xiu Xiu album.

Nedelle also had the favored returned when Xiu Xiu recently covered her song Ex-Priest but under the title, Blueberry Mineshaft. When Nedelle's got time off, she spends most of it either helping out The Curtains on tour or working with her new band, Cryptacize (which features her long time friend Chris), whose album is bound to drop at the end of June.

The Locksmith Cometh is Nedelle's latest (and possibly greatest) album. It features everything we've all come to know and love about her, but with even more delicacy and secretive than her previous releases. Her songs are short and sharp, every soothing melody and background vocals make this album that lot more enjoyable and straight out fun. I Hate A Mountain is by far the standout track with it's clap-a-longs and sing-a-longs, it sets yourself up for a great album and one that holds your attention for the entire listen.

Nedelle I Hate A Mountain
Nedelle Your Fiancé
Nedelle The Last Thing That I Do

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