Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Young Pony Club

You gotta admit, over the last three years watching New You Pony Club grow into such a tight and well known band has been a joy. Everything about the band is delightful, from the colours, the fashion, to their stage presence they never fail to amaze me. The band have risen from an underground dance band to being instantly thrown into stardom, mainly due to their highly infectious and just way to catchy song, Ice Cream (Which was even used in an Intel commercial lately). The band have since been traveling the world almost non-stop, playing almost every single festival you can name and even making a few visits down under and appearing at this years V Festival.

With a non-stop touring schedule the band have managed to wangle some time to record their debut album, Fantastic Playroom, which is set to hit stores soon. The band recorded songs here and there and waited for their record label, Modular, to give them the thumbs up when they had built a big enough profile to release it. The new album will no doubt push the band further into the more mainstream category and they will become one of the most recognisable acts around.

New Young Pony Club Hiding On The Staircase
New Young Pony Club Grey

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