Thursday, June 07, 2007

Champion et Ses G - Strings

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DJ Champion is an electronic DJ and producer hailing from Montréal, Canada. Originally a guitarist he switched to turntables after a hand injury. Disliking the way the electronic music was heading in the early 00s (or whatever this decade is called) he went against the trend. Mixing his love for guitars and sequenced music he began to play with a live band (called the G - Strings). Not just any live band but 4 guitarists, 1 bass player and 1 vocalist. Clearly not you average DJ.

The music itself sounds like some a mix between Fatboy Slim and The Avalanches and at some times the ambient hip hop of Portishead or DJ Shadow. Its an eclectic mix of big beat electro, catchy guitar riffs and soulful vocals.

From what I have seen on youtube their live shows look awesome. It's as if he is conducting his live band like they were records on a turntable. Everything apart from the precussion is sampled live allowing for a more organic live experience. I can personally attest to the their ability to rock a stadium size crowd at the Montréal Internation Jazz Festival in 2005 which is quite a feat for a DJ. I wished I had gotten closer when but it was probably one of the first concerts I had been to.

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