Monday, June 11, 2007

I know you missed me!

I know, I know, I know. I stink. I haven’t been around all that much. But I am here now, so be happy! I am rewarding your patience with a fabulous mix. These tracks have been guiding me through my strenuous activities, and I hope they do the same for you!

Barbara Morgenstern The Operator
This fabulous compilation of beautiful symphonies and electronic adaptation, is what makes Berliner, Barbara Morgenstern so damn great. Her beautifully united beats and mixed language assemblage is simply gold to the ears!

Whiskey Go Gos 2 Cent Girl
Hello, Kings of Leon. I know, we all hate wanna-bes, but these guys you cannot simply ignore. This track especially. These all Australian boys, have this rustic southern American aura to them. Whether this is a good thing or not, I am not sure. But they sound pretty damn good! I dare you not to tap your feet and hands to this song. I dare you!

Johnny Cash The Wanderer
Again, I know. Johnny-bloody-Cash. We all know he is a genius, we have all seen the movie (minus myself). I grew up with Johnny Cash and Neil Young. It reminds me of my parents when they have people over (which seemingly, as of late; is a lot!). Sometimes out comes “Essential: Johnny Cash” [squeezed between Kraftwerk and The Eels – what a mix!], and this song is just beautiful. I enjoy sitting next to the heater with a big glass of red wine, just em-basking in the beautiful unity that is this amazing song.

Tom Waits Martha
Considering we are on the same page as Johnny Cash, why not go all the way and include Tom Waits. Another genius – that I am sure is before all of our time (unless you have musically literate parents, like myself). This song brings shivers, and goosebumps to my skin. All I want to do is meet Martha, and ask her some questions. This song is especially unique, as it was prior to the almost over-the-top rustic, deep and croaky voice, that is Tom Waits. I like the innocence and honesty in this track. All songs can adapt to each and every one of us, whether they are meant to or not. Interpretation is a very magical thing.

Men Without Hats Antarctica
I simply couldn’t help myself with this track. Given Kraftwerk was mentioned before – this song just came to mind. A great track to just ask “what the fuck” to. What are they talking about? The psychedelic beats and vocals scream 80s hysterically. Just think; Digitalism, Tiga, Uffie’s beats, Cut Copy, The Presets all had inspiration and guidance from some where. At least they didn’t fuck it up like “The Living End”. Slowly adapting their traits and growth [from America] to be Australia’s own Green Day.


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