Friday, December 08, 2006

So So Modern

I could have put up a picture of these hood wearing masters but decided not to; but if you insist... Never have I seen a band where all four members play synthesizers lined up on stage, hence the technical skills behind these Wellington guys from New Zealand, So So Modern. Complexity, experimentations, shrieking vocals with the touch of overrides of a vocoder, psychedelic dance (without the drugs) and thrasher punk is the result of So So Modern. Their track "Loose Threads And Theremins" uphold those elements in the perfect way possible. Call it noise if you wish; upbeat electronic worth dancing to it is. At the moment these guys are touring with their more known counterparts Shaky Hands. January will see them supporting Cansei De Ser Sexy in their home country. Give a listen.

So So Modern Loose Threads And Theremins
So So Modern The New Internationale


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