Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Blow

I recently saw The Blow at Newtown Theatre on Monday, and Khaela Maricich's dancing is just as good as their new record, Paper Television. As Khaela sings to the synth-y beat, off goes a plethora of sounds - claps, gentle rings from cowbells, rattles, and what can only be sounds made by collaborator Jona Bechtolt. A mish-mash of genres, it's quirky, intense and diverse all at the same time. They'll always surprise, and hit you with something unexpected. All songs are connected beautifully and smoothly in a story about being free and being in love. Airlessly sailing through, The Blow combines pop music aesthetics with the niche of not having to annoy you endlessly.

The Blow's Parentheses

By: Grace


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