Friday, November 24, 2006

Computer Camp Love

Datarock, a band that may sound familiar to some or a band that might have people confused slightly. It doesn't take a fashion designer to realise that this duo is the most well-dressed band in the world (picture on the right is enough proof). Why am I posting about these guys today? Well, im glad you asked. You see, Datarock have released possibily the best love song ever written, it is titled Computer Camp Love. With lyrics such as "I had my Commodore, 64, I had to score" it's impossible not to shed a tear of sadness, and on some occassions during the song, you can have a laugh with lyrics like "She's not a tramp, her name is Judy. That's a nice name." You have to hear it for yourself to understand the message behind it.

Datarock Computer Camp Love

By: James


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