Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Books Written For Girls

Pulling out the school excuse. I probably won't be able to post for a while; apologies. Instead I've compiled a few songs I've been listening to lately whilst been (so called) studying. It includes songs from new albums/eps of Voxtrot, Psapp and The Blood Arm plus others. Been meaning to make posts about them sooner or later so I guess I'll add them all in one post to make it easier. Enjoy!

Psapp Tricycle
Voxtrot Trouble (the beginning sounds a bit like a B&S song)
Uffie Pop The Glock (strangely enough, yes Uffie)
Rilo Kiley After Hours (nice Velvet Underground cover)
Tokyo Police Club Box
Jens Lekman Black Cab
The Blood Arm Stay Put!
Tilly And The Wall Bad Education
Iron On Fifty Four Equals Two Hundred
The Lucksmiths Now I'm Even Further Away
The Lovely Feathers The Only Appalachian Cornfield

By: Sandra


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