Friday, October 20, 2006

Looking For A Rabbit

Quirky electro-clash punk folk rock/pop, without the electro-clash part is the style defined when it comes to Laura Imbruglia. The name sounds familiar doesn't it? Your right, she is Natalie's younger sister but what sets them apart is Laura's music is something she likes to muck around with, her sense of humour especially in a song like "Don’t Stray From My Site". Where she sings "Email lover, don’t stray from my site. Be the server to my heart. Let’s make megabytes of love. Yahoo! We're compatible." Laura has been around the music scene for quite some time, released an EP with Mr Hollow Body back in 2003 and toured with some big known acts such as The Eels, Tegan & Sara, M. Ward, The Church, Dappled Cities Fly and Beth Orton to name a few. For a while she's been working hard for the release of her debut self-titled album just out last Saturday through Chatterbox Records. She'll be playing five east coast shows in Australia for the next few weeks. For details and more songs to listen to, visit her Myspace.

Laura Imbruglia Looking For A Rabbit

By: Sandra


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