Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Darren Hanlon

Darren Hanlon, Australia's answer to Colin Meloy? I'd like to say so. Last week I was given two of his past albums 2002's "Hello Stranger" and 2005's "Little Chills"; to listen to them both, since someone thought I might like it and I actually do. So much I went to look myself for the new album "Fingertips And Mountaintops" just released earlier this month. Why I say Colin Meloy? Singer/songwriter likewise, their lyrics of story telling blended within folk-pop and folk-rock music. Hanlon delivers uplifting songs that just make you want to sit on the floor and listen to him talk all day and maybe all he wants to tell us is that there aren't enough songs about his favourite game of squash, either way he always has a remarkable way of putting it through his music. Hanlon has worked with The Lucksmiths, The Deerhunters, and Mick Thomas as well as his former band The Simpletons throughout the 90's before setting foot on his solo career back in 1999 with his first extended play "Early Days" the following year. Since then he has continued to release countless of records; each and every one of them, well appreciated. He'll be touring around Australia in the next few weeks.

Darren Hanlon Punks Not Dead
Darren Hanlon Happiness Is A Chemical
Darren Hanlon (There's Not Enough Songs About) Squash

By: Sandra


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