Monday, October 16, 2006

Devil Was In My Yard

I don't think there is anyone in the world that is as creative as Luke Steele. Everything he seems to come up with in his songs is just pure genius. Since the release of The Sleepy Jackson's debut album, Lovers, a lot of things haven't quite gone Luke's way. He had three members who left the band and went on to create End Of Fashion, he started getting throat illnesses, and he was under the pressure of coming up with a second album that had to be better than the worst (a band's worst nightmare!). Personality: One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird, is what Luke and fellow sidekick Malcolm Clark have managed to come up. A pop friendly album from start to finish but the added crazyness of a 20-piece-orchestra. This record has proved many things. He managed to shut critics up (who were saying he'd never be able to do a better record then Lovers), he's proven that he is way more wacky then people thought, and now he's live shows are going to be really interesting. Good thing I'm going to the Big Day Out next year.

The Sleepy Jackson Devil Was In My Yard

By: James


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