Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Half-Handed Cloud

Half-Handed Cloud is an interesting side of John Ringhofer. From the days of his former band The Wookieback playing about space, robots and childhood heroes; Ringhofer incorporates that in another way involving Sunday services. Now I'm not going to go into Biblical terms but the humour put towards his music. His tracks are re-telling Biblical tales; the ones that you would find dark and disturbing. These stories, and the kind that makes you wonder how you ever forgot them, but Ringhofer makes it more odd in his weird way. Ringhofer meshes this in his ever-so-many-instruments by one guy I've ever seen. He's the imaginative type that would ask "What does an air conditioner sound like backwards?" His change of direction of music from playing the trombone at the age of 10 to the guitar was his interpretation of creating something diverse that would strangely develop into this child like folk-pop band. Being on the same record label as Sufjan Stevens, you could see some similarities. Ringhofer was a touring member of his band. Half-Handed Cloud is all about interpretations in John Ringhofer's weird way.

Half-Handed Cloud We're Very Greatly Loved

By: Sandra


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