Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Apples In Stereo

So I haven't heard an album from The Apples In Stereo for a long time and it's about time too. The guys are releasing one called "New Magnetic Wonder" on February 7th next year, it'll be their sixth album. There was something about their noisy distorting guitar sounds and psychedelic singalongs that got me into the record "The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone" and also introduced me to a different direction in music during my early years. Being part of The Elephant Six Collective, gives you an indication of what you'd expect from those bands and The Apples In Stereo are an excellent example (along with the rest who've proved great success). Not only is the record released on Elephant Six but also Yep Roc Records and the actor Elijah Woods' newly formed Simian Records, which would be interesting to see. New Magnetic Wonder has less of those fuzzy guitars but stills holds that noise pop that the guys are renowned for; comparing to their last album Velocity of Sound, you can notice a major change of sound. I guess it's one of those albums that you have to listen to over and over to get into it and once you do, you'll love it.

The Apples In Stereo Can You Feel It?
The Apples In Stereo Sunday Sounds

Check out some of their olds songs on their media player over at their site.
And, on another note Happy Halloween. (:

By: Sandra


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