Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Deerhoof's Friend Opportunity

After many computer delays I'm about to post another leak of 2007, that crazy art noise rock band Deerhoof, with their insane Japanese/American lead singer who wants us to come see the duck; they're just infectious. I don't really need to give an introduction because Deerhoof have already done it themselves impressing the likes of Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Xiu Xiu. The first track "The Perfect Me" is an excellent opener for the album Friend Opportunity due out late January next year. Second track "+81" add bits and pieces of trumpets sounds. Throughout the album it gradually from one extent to another. I guess Deerhoof are going to less than that noisy guitar sound but nonetheless they are able to pull it off. I love this and cannot wait 'til it'll be released. I'll let you guys decide yourself on some of the new songs from the album. The album also features 12 collectible covers. Below are 2 of the 12.

Deerhoof Believe E.S.P
Deerhoof Matchbook Seeks Maniac

By: Sandra


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