Friday, November 10, 2006


Who? What? When? How? Outkast? Right at this moment your probably thinking "Why the hell is James making a post on Outkast?". Well, yeah I'm a fan. Not a huge massive fan, but I do dig their stuff. They're extremely talented and one of the best hip-hop acts in the world (oh controversial). Ever since I heard Andre 3000's The Love Below, I've been hooked. Their new album Idlewild is well, not what I expected. It's not their greatest release thats for sure, but it does have songs that have "Hit" written all over it. Which is why I'm posting their single Morris Brown for you cool kats out there. For shizzle nizzle homie boys. Peace out!, haha (I had to try)

Outkast Morris Brown

By: James


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