Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Crayon Fields

Other than being deafened by my bedroom keyboard, I have been listening to The Crayon Fields on repeat all day (they have been chosen as one of my new picks of albums for their debut album "Animal Bells") which is a special treat to my deafen ears. So I'll be interested into seeing them live tomorrow night at the Metro supporting Cornelius. In the past they've supported the likes of The Unicorns, Deerhoof and (Australia's #1 band) Dappled Cities Fly. I'd give strong comparisons to Minimum Chips; simple lofi pop tunes. A few members of Minimum Chips have also done appearances on the album Animal Bells. There's something about it which makes me feel lost in nostalgia. Perhaps it's just myself but this year "twee" has renewed itself and I'm liking it. The Crayon Fields being a great example of that. Like it? Vote for it!

The Crayon Fields Helicopters
The Crayon Fields Do it First


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