Monday, December 04, 2006

Wolf And Cub

There have been a lot of terrific Australian releases this year (Sarah Blasko, The Grates, The Drones, Howling Bells, The Sleepy Jackson, and so on), but none have been as creative and psychedelic as the newest release from Wolf And Cub, Vessals. From start to finish, the album offers up some of the best rock work that The Velvet Underground wished they had. The band have already made a mark around the world, going to the USA a few times (mainly for SXSW), Europe, and now heading to Japan to do a few shows with none other than Australia's rock gods (haha) Wolfmother. As said before, if you love Velvet Underground, can handle some noise (and i do mean noise), then listen to Wolf And Cub, you can't go wrong. Oh, did I mention they have two drummers.

Wolf And Cub Steal Their Gold

By: James

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