Monday, July 09, 2007

Red Riders

So, I have been extremely late with getting into the Red Riders, about a year late, but I have finally gotten around to giving the guys a listen and all I can say is that I'm really embarrassed I didn't get into these guys earlier, a lot earlier. Replica Replica is possibly one of the most exciting indie rock releases to come out of Australia in a while. The band has everything you could ever hope for; the look, the catchy tunes, and most of all, the right attitude. These guys have done nothing but tour their butts off since the release of their album, even earlier in fact, and it's really paid off for them. Having recently finished a sell-out stint across Australia with fellow indie rockers Dappled Cities, the band have risen to new heights and attracted a whole new audience, even B grade Australian celebrity Andrew G's on board (it scares me that he listens to the same music I do).

Red Riders Slide In Next To Me
Red Riders My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love
Red Riders What They Say About Us

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