Saturday, June 30, 2007

Taken By Trees

You know her as the former lead vocalist for Swedish indie-pop band The Concretes and from last year's Peter Bjorn and John's single Young Folks, but it's been almost a year since Victoria Bergsman announced her departure from The Concretes. She's just released on Rough Trade records, her very own debut album "Open Field" under the name Taken By Trees; able to capture and showcase her delicate wistful vocals as we know it.

Produced with Bjorn Yttling, the album takes the listener through a walk in the forest with its echoes and instrumental patterns like stones skipping water; with the beautiful combination of folk and pop; it manages to bring simplicity which is what makes this album personal, enough to open up and see the true side of Victoria.

Taken By Trees Lost And Found
Taken By Trees Julia
Taken By Trees Too Young

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