Friday, July 20, 2007

The Brunettes

Having dated before, Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield make up the core members of Auckland, New Zealand twee pop band The Brunettes, with their sweet baroque ornamentation of male/female vocals, a reflection to that of 60's pop harmonies. The Brunettes are soon to release their third album "Structures and Cosmetics"; nine tracks of exploration of the deeper and dramatic side with most tracks on the album clocking four to four and half minutes compared to their usual short and sweet songs. Structures and Cosmetics takes the band to a new stage with some element of experimentation, like the title of the album its done by dressing up their music in a fashion of creating a new brand of pop each time which they continue to do so every time a new record is made. The first single "Her Hairagami Set" from the album comes off as an the usual Brunettes' ironic twist, but strangely this time it's about "hair", mentioning types of knots and whatnots as Jonathan sings "Doesn't she look a million with her hairagami set?". Needless to say, watch the video.

The band have recently been signed by Etch n Sketch label and will release "Structure and Cosmetics" on July 25th in New Zealand on Lil' Chief Records, August 7th in America on Sub Pop Records and August 18th in Australia through Etch n Sketch. They will be also touring east-coast Australia in August with the following shows:

August 23rd at The Troubadour, Brisbane
August 24th at The Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney
August 25th at East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

The Brunettes Her Hairagami Set
The Brunettes Small Town Crew
The Brunettes Obligatory Road Song

Pre-order Structure and Cosmetics and watch Her Hairagami Set


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