Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ruby Suns

The Ruby Suns are full of sunshine and safari animals; previously known as "Ryan McPhun and The Ruby Suns" after relocating from California, United States to Auckland, New Zealand where McPhun (also a former touring member of The Brunettes) has brought over some conventional psychedelic rays of beautiful lo-fi pop to our sleepy southern winter. Inspired by the simplicity of New Zealand and its nature, McPhun found himself well suited to his surroundings with the shared love of music from ostentatious productions by Curt Boettcher and Brian Wilson-esque harmonies to modern DIY indie noise pop of The Apples In Stereo and Yo La Tengo; the octet are a big band, generally meaning lots of noise, but that's not really the case on the album compared to their stage performances which do incorporate that. Self titled; their album musical arrangements are kept minimal, putting emphasis on the lyrical content which span from random imagination of kids shaped as trees to soup.

The Ruby Suns will be supporting The Shins on a sold-out tour (and a few of their own shows) in Australia in August, which I will be attending. I'm not sure if its a coincidence when The Brunettes toured with The Shins in the US, they gained a lot of fans. It could look possible for The Ruby Suns (they are wonderful and fun live), seeing as they are one of Popfrenzy's latest signings. Details about shows can be found on their myspace page.

The Ruby Suns Look Out SOS!
The Ruby Suns Criterion
The Ruby Suns My Ten Years On Auto-Pilot
The Ruby Suns Trepidation, Pt. 2
The Shins Sleeping Lessons (The RAC Mix)

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